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Community Use Rates

All community use bookings are made by contacting the BOEC directly.
Please contact Deborah Diebel for more information at or 519-534-2767.

General Information
We welcome community use of the BOEC facility provided it is for events or groups who share our core values of education and environment. Conferences, eco-tours, training seminars and workshops, and courses whose vision is aligned with that of the BOEC are welcome. With mixed forest, meadow, frontage on two lakes, and brand new dorm, dining, and classroom facilities our site is the perfect retreat!

For each community use rental, an BOEC staff monitor will be present on-site to assist your group. Their role will be to oversee the logistics of your stay, ensure you have what you need, answer your questions, and monitor the site. Staff monitors will supervise any kitchen use, unless a BOEC approved caterer is on-site. For groups of over 36 people, a second monitor may be assigned at additional cost depending on the activities of the group.
Water testing and some custodial support is also included in your fee. If additional custodial time is required (over 2 hours/day), this fee will be charged to your group at a rate of $48.00/hour.

A letter of co-insurance naming the Bluewater Education Foundation, the Bluewater Education Foundation Trust, and the Bluewater District School Board as co-insured in the amount of $2 million is required of any outside group renting the facility. This must be provided at least 5 days in advance of your group’s arrival.

For all rentals, we require a $200 deposit. We will send you a permit to collect information, and have you sign to confirm your booking. The deposit can be paid at this time.

Rate Determination for Rental of Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre Facilities

Overnight Accommodations        
Minimum Group Size: 20 people
HST (13%) must be added

The base rate is based on a minimum of 20 guests per group.  Each additional person is $15/night.
# Night                         Base Fee Up to 20 People
1                                               $825
2                                               $1500
3                                               $2225
4                                               $2950
5                                               $3650
6                                               $4350
7                                               $5050
Please inquire about longer stays.

A Site Monitor is included for the first overnight.  For each additional monitored night, there is a fee of $50/night.  The Site Manager will determine if additional site monitor coverage is required, based on the group itinerary.

Overnight rentals include dormitory accommodations, washrooms, on-site staff monitor, custodial services, water testing, use of kitchen and dining hall, use of grounds for approved uses.   

Additional monitoring fees may apply to groups over 36 people, not to exceed $120/day/monitor.          

Day Use Fees
HST (13 %) must be added

The rates below apply to times when monitoring staff, and sometimes custodial, must be hired, such as: Non-BWDSB groups at any time and/or BWDSB groups outside of the regular school schedule.

                                                        Group Rate              Each Additional Day
Kitchen and Dining Hall                 $300                                    $275
Dining Hall, No Kitchen Access          $250                                    $225
Barn                                                    $250                                    $225
Classroom                                               $200                                    $200
Each Additional Classroom                       $75                                     $75
The rates below apply to:
BWDSB staff, Trustee, or student conference groups during regular school hours.

                                                        Group Rate
Kitchen and Dining Hall                 $150
Dining Hall, No Kitchen Access          $100
Barn                                                    $100
Each Classroom                                  $75

HST (13 %) must be added
Staff can occasionally be hired to deliver programs for your group. some of our staff are hired through the Bluewater Education Foundation, and others are contracted separately. Please explain your interests to our booking agent (Deborah Diebel), and she will provide any suggestions she can for leadership for your group. It is the responsibility of your group to contract the services of any outside provider on your own, and to pay them separately.

The Bluewater Astronomical Society will provide a program at the E.S. Fox Observatory. You may contact John Hlynialuk at The use of the telescopes at the observatory is weather dependent, but the indoor portion of the program can usually happen rain or shine. Please contact John for a quote.

Catering Services
Minimum group size: 15 people
HST included
Our BOEC caterer may be available to cater your event. Please contact her to obtain a quote for your event, but use the prices quoted below as a base. Her name is Cheyl Leis, and you may reach her at 519-534-2767, ext 103. Special arrangements can be made in concert with our caterer, but extra fees may apply.

Breakfast      $7.00/person
Lunch          $9.50/person
Dinner          $9.50/person
Snack          $2.50/person
These prices double for meals on Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas.

The BOEC caterer is highly reputable, and receives rave reviews from our adult and student visitors!

Last Modified: Jun 03, 2019
© 2007 - Bluewater District School Board