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“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to
everything else in the Universe.”
- John Muir

Discover! Explore! Conserve! Share!

The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment, in a spirit of fun, adventure, and exploration.

The John Muir Award scheme is open to everyone, and you are warmly invited to take part!

The John Muir Award is an educational initiative of the John Muir Trust, based in Scotland. It is administered in Canada by the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies in Wiarton, Ontario through a partnership with the John Muir Trust in Scotland. The Institute is the Outdoor Education Facility for the Bluewater District School Board, which serves students of Grey and Bruce Counties.

Incidentally, Grey County is where Muir spent his formative years in terms of his development of his preservationist philosophy. Wiarton is just over one hour from Meaford, Ontario, where Muir lived from 1864 – 1866, and where he discovered his favoured Calypso Orchid. For more information about Muir’s time in Canada, refer to John Muir Canada

What is the John Muir Award?

The John Muir Award is an environmental Award scheme focused on wild places. This could be anywhere from a mountain-top to a city garden. The award encourages the discovery and conservation of wild places, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.
The Award is non-competitive, open to all and is the educational initiative of the John Muir Trust, located in Scotland. There are three Levels of the John Muir Award, encouraging a progressive involvement. All levels of the Award are based on meeting the same four challenges of: Discover, Explore, Conserve, and Share.

Each Award level consists of four components:
Discover: Get out in a wild place. This could be your garden, a nearby park, a high mountain, or a local beach. This challenge is all about discovering your own wild place.
Explore: Find out more about your wild place. Look at the plants and animals that live there, travel through it, or spend a night camping out and find out what it sounds like at night. Exploring is about getting to know and experience a place. Conserve: John Muir set up the world’s first national park and was committed to ‘giving something back’ to wild places. So for this component of the Award you need to do something to help take responsibility for your wild place. You could be planting trees or plants, maintaining paths, minimizing your impact, or perhaps conducting a survey of the wildlife that lives there. It’s your turn to look after your wild place. Share: A major part of the Award is to encourage people to value wild places. So throughout your Award we ask that you find ways to share what you are doing. This could be a group discussion around a campfire, a display at school or work, or maybe a contribution to a website. It could be artwork, information leaflets or taking other people out to enjoy the places you have discovered. This is the chance to share your experiences with others.

Who may participate in the John Muir Award programme?
Anyone can do the award. A wide range of groups and individuals, including schools, families, youth groups, charities, disability groups, outdoor education centres, countryside ranger services and many others have already completed the Award in the UK. If you like to work or play in the outdoors, then you could do the John Muir Award. Be among the first Canadians to complete the Award! Register today!

Why do the John Muir Award?

Because, it:
•     Acknowledges what organizations and individuals already do in terms of outdoor and environmental activity,

What does it cost, and what does the Institute for Outdoor Education offer (in partnership with the John Muir office):
Participating in the John Muir Award Canada costs $5.00/person. At the Institute for Outdoor Education we offer the following support:
•     Support in developing a proposal for your Award activity,

What next?
If this has captured your imagination and you want to do the John Muir Award, then follow these basic steps:
•     More Information: The John Muir Award information handbook provides you with all you need to know to run the John Muir award. Download a copy here. You can also have a look at the rest of the website; there are many resources, examples and testimonials about the value of the Award available. If you still have questions, please contact our coordinator, Rick Galbraith. John Muir Award
•     Now you can start planning for the next level of the John Muir Award!

Contact Us
If you have any questions, or if you would like to register for the John Muir Award, please contact us at:
Deborah Diebel or Rick Galbraith or by phoning us at 519-534-2767.

You can reach us by snail-mail at:
Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies,
RR # 3, Wiarton, ON, NOH 2T0

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