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Equipment Use and Rentals

Rental Fees For Equipment for BWDSB Groups

Canoe, throw bag and bailer                             $4.00/day/canoe
Support Equipment for Canoeing                          $2.00/day/person
        (paddles and pfd)
Use of trailer(s)                                                       FREE
Backpack                                                                $2.00/day
Tent                                                                    $5.00/day
Skiis                                                                   $5.00/pair/day
(includes poles and boots)
Traditional Snowshoes                                   $2.50/pair/day
Plastic Snowshoes                                               $1.25/pair/day
Campstoves                                                      $0.50/day - Group responsible for fuel
Water Filters                                                   $0.50/day
GPS Units                                                               $1.00/per unit/day

Rental Fees for Equipment for Non-BWDSB Groups
For use in conjunction with IOEES programs or facility rentals, only.
Prices subject to HST

Canoe, throw bag and bailer                             $5.00/day
Support Equipment                                               $2.50/day
        (paddles and pfd)
Use of trailer(s)                                                       FREE
Backpacks                                                               $5.00/ea/day
Tents                                                           $5.00/ea/day    
Skiis                                                                   $7.50/pair/day
(includes poles and boots)      
Traditional Snowshoes                                   $5.00/pair/day
Plastic Snowshoes                                               $2.50/pair/day
Campstoves                                                      $1.00/day - Group responsible for fuel
Water Filters                                                   $1.00/per unit/day
GPS Units                                                               $5.00/per unit/day

Last Modified: Oct 05, 2016
© 2007 - Bluewater District School Board