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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 9:13 AM -0400
Subject:Construction Class Gets New Hardware
Construction students at Saugeen District Secondary School in Port Elgin wrapped up the school year with some amazing upgrades to their communal toolbox.  On Friday, June 16, 2017, a representative from Milwaukee Electric Tools Canada visited Bud Halpin’s class to deliver a prize pack of cutting-edge power tools, which included a circular saw, an impressive assortment of drills, among other items that would undoubtedly cause any handyperson to blush.  

The new hardware was awarded following the students’ participation in Skills Ontario’s Community Involvement Project contest for their “Raising the Roof” initiative, which is a community partnership with Habitat for Humanity and the Town of Saugeen Shores aimed at building a frame for a new home.  

The tools will help to facilitate current and future build initiatives by the Construction class that benefit the community, while further supporting students in honing important skills in their chosen career pathways.  In September 2017, a new addition to the Construction Specialist High Skills Major program at Saugeen District will provide in-depth learning on safety education, while continuing to build on the school’s proven high level of excellence that has resulted in numerous community projects over the past several years.  For example, Mr. Halpin and his skillful group of student virtuosos have been integral to the creation of a band shell at Fairy Lake, a train station building for the Saugeen Rail Trail Association, and an outdoor classroom for Port Elgin-Saugeen Central School, to name just a few.  

Image of students carrying a box containing a new circular saw while their peers observeImage of students unloading a box containing a new circular saw while their peers observe
Image of teacher Bud Halpin standing behind a table full of new toolsImage of teacher Bud Halpin speaking next to a table full of new tools as students and a representative from Milwaukee observe
Image of the makings of a wooden frame for a new house in the Construction class shopImage of a representative from Milwaukee (r) shaking hands with a student in front of a table full of new tools
Image of teacher Bud Halpin testing out a new circular saw